The Benefits of Using ZeoFill Infill for Pet Turf Installations

6/23/20242 min read

Pet Turf Installation
Pet Turf Installation

Introduction to ZeoFill Infill

At All Valley Turf, we are dedicated to providing high-quality artificial turf and paver installations for our local community. One of our most popular products for pet turf installations is ZeoFill infill. This groundbreaking infill solution offers numerous benefits, especially when it comes to eliminating pet turf odors. In this blog post, we'll explore the science behind ZeoFill, its advantages, and why it's the best choice for pet owners.

The Science Behind ZeoFill

ZeoFill is a natural mineral known as zeolite, which is formed from volcanic ash. It is highly porous and has a unique honeycomb structure that allows it to absorb and neutralize ammonia, a primary component of pet urine. When pets urinate on artificial turf, the ammonia can produce strong, unpleasant odors. ZeoFill's ability to trap and neutralize these odors makes it an excellent choice for pet turf installations.

Advantages of ZeoFill Infill

One of the primary benefits of using ZeoFill infill for pet turf is its effectiveness in eliminating pet turf odors. Unlike other infill options, ZeoFill does not simply mask odors; it neutralizes them at the source. Additionally, ZeoFill is non-toxic and safe for both pets and humans, making it an ideal choice for families with furry companions.

Another advantage of ZeoFill is its durability. It does not decompose or break down over time, ensuring long-lasting odor control. Moreover, ZeoFill helps to keep the turf cooler by reflecting sunlight and allowing air to circulate through its porous structure, creating a more comfortable environment for pets to play.

Why Choose ZeoFill for Your Pet Turf?

At All Valley Turf, we believe in offering the best products for our customers. ZeoFill is a superior infill solution for pet turf installations due to its natural odor-eliminating properties, safety, and durability. By choosing ZeoFill, you can provide a clean, odor-free space for your pets to enjoy while also protecting your investment in artificial turf.

In addition to its practical benefits, ZeoFill is also environmentally friendly. It is a natural mineral that does not harm the environment, making it a sustainable choice for pet turf installations. When you choose ZeoFill, you are not only improving the quality of your artificial turf but also making an eco-conscious decision.


In summary, ZeoFill infill offers numerous benefits for pet turf installations, from effectively eliminating pet turf odors to being safe and durable. At All Valley Turf, we are proud to provide this exceptional product to our customers. If you're considering installing artificial turf for your pets, ZeoFill is the ideal choice for maintaining a clean and odor-free environment. Contact us today to learn more about our products and services.